Assad Warns of 'Regional War' if West Takes Military Action


Syrian leader Bashar Assad warned Monday that Western military strikes would risk igniting a "regional war" in the "powder keg" of the Middle East, in an interview with French newspaper Le Figaro.

He also said France would face "repercussions" if it took part in U.S.-led plans for military action in response to an alleged chemical weapons attack by Assad's regime last month.

"The Middle East is a powder keg, and the fuse is getting shorter," Assad told the newspaper's correspondent in Damascus, in a rare interview with Western media.

"We cannot only talk about a Syrian response, but what could happen after the first strike. Nobody knows what will happen," Assad said.

"Everyone will lose control of the situation once the powder keg explodes. Chaos and extremism will spread. There is a risk of regional war."

Assad also said France, which has said it is prepared to back Washington in threatened military strikes in response to the alleged August 21 chemical attack, should consider the consequences of such action.

"Whoever works against the interests of Syria and its citizens is an enemy. The French people are not our enemy, but the policy of their state is hostile to the Syrian people," he said.

"Insofar as the policy of the French state is hostile to the Syrian people, the state will be its enemy... There will be repercussions, negative ones of course, on the interests of France."

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Thumb general_puppet over 7 years

Again the Damascus Butcher threatens... if I am attacked, my Axis partners will attack others. You are an empty puppet of Iran... gutless to lift a finger against Israel, every time it hits you. But always ready to kill Lebanese and Syrians.

Thumb benzona over 7 years

Not sure north Korea would move a finger for him.

Bye bye Bachar. Hollande doesn't like threats.... You're going to meet with Gaddhafi soon. Adieux!

Thumb scorpyonn over 7 years

Benzona, before we bod him Adieu we should send the Mexican cartels after him and his cronies-- they will make mincemeat out of them/ A quick death is not ok in this case for a man that has destroyed his people and tortured them to death. I think we should go after Iran next and obliterate it too.

Missing cedars over 7 years

Makes everyone wonder, if you are so powerful then why the hec for 2 yrs you have not been able to stop all the killings in your Country? why do not fix your Country first instead of un-leaching the chemicals on the poor villagers. they have become takfiris because you refused to include them as citizens of Syria, anyone who disagrees with you are automatically labeled Zionist and Imperialist.

Missing samiam over 7 years

why don't you just step down--100K dead is a pretty good legacy for you. Any more, and you may find yourself in the Hague.

Thumb scorpyonn over 7 years

It is too late for him- I am sure his demise will be agonizing and painful--

Thumb lebanon_first over 7 years

Ya filth of the earth you keep warning about regional war while sending your Ali mamlouk criminal underling to kill people and create strife.

Thumb benzona over 7 years

Then it will end up with him taking a plane...... To Paris!? No, Qom or Pyongyang. Haha

Thumb bustany over 7 years

I think we should prove to the French parliment that Syrian government did NOT use chemical one its people. And the argument that the USA is making about not going to the UN is inhuman: " we are not going to the UN because Russia will block our already decided intention, USA said". Imagine if you have a case against someone but you refuse to turn to the judiary system because you believe they are going to through your case out. Buddy then you have no case to start with.

Thumb primesuspect over 7 years

Who's WE? are you talking to yourself?

Thumb primesuspect over 7 years

stig, stop watching Top Gear (:

Missing over 7 years

Assad is warning of a regional war if the US and West attack him. Don't worry, habibi, you won't be around to see it....when they attack, you will be the first to go bye bye...

Thumb scorpyonn over 7 years

I hope this will give the West a chance to annihilate both cancers-- Iran and Syria-- and the lapdogs that follow them - I do not think a strike will be a small one- it will cripple the Syrian air force and military- I cannot wait!!!!!!

Thumb LebCynic over 7 years

Yes let's kill Bashar, yes let's kill religious freedom, yes let's allow or woman to live repressed and owned by men, yes let's all live under in an Islamic khalipha, yes let's all allow Syria to be a hub for the filthy extremists of the world, yes let's finish all the minorities in Syria off, yes let's let a western country invade our Arabian land and basterdedise it, yes let's take Syria back into the dark ages, yes let's just add to the Syrian death toll, yes let's just continue allowing the wahabi KSA culture to infiltrate and manipulate Arabic civilization.. I mean Syrians would be much better off right?

Thumb _-_wolf_-_ over 7 years

How foolish you US are, a normal citizen in any part of the world with access to an Internet has more knowledge of Classified Intelligence than your FBI,CIA,Shin Beit, or Mossad agents put together !
An attack on Syria is due to CW used by the Syran government ? How naive , you still have not established who used them, if the Jeapanese terrorist group " Aum Shinrikyo " could produce & execute the use of Sarin chemical back in the '90s .
This is all a fake & orchestrated incident, yes CW was used but Israel, KSA, & the Turks all had involvement , this in turn will allow the " Pretext " to attack Syria , but the real underlying issue is to have an excuse & attack the Iranian Nuclear Reactor ! This is the true outcome that the West, Israel , KSA , GCC & the Turks want, they want an excuse to destroy Iran's capability in achieving a " Nuclear Reactor " ! They don't give a damn about the people they gassed, only their Agenda !
Signed Wolf. !

Thumb smarty over 7 years

Aoun's value doesn't outweigh his cost to the world.... he's a waste of oxygen.

Thumb smarty over 7 years

yes, i heard him as well. doesn't mean I listen... nor should you!

Thumb _-_wolf_-_ over 7 years

Without disclosing in source of intelligence , there has been higher than normal Military activity by the US bases in Europe , ME, & It seems that a decision has been made, an attack is eminent ! Iran better be ready because you as I have received from my sources are on the Menu , your Nuclear Reactor is first to be hit , Syria , there will be an attack any moment with or without congress Approval , also have your missiles aimed & ready to fire Back . HA , man your posts , re- mine your border with the Zionist State get ready for Urban Warfare , Ambush will be your trump card , as well as Suprise attacks ( hit & run ) shall fool your enemy ! For survival you all must Co-ordinate an attack ( if attacked ), start from the south ( Gaza ) from the east ( Jordan) Far East ( Iran ) North East ( Syria ) & North ( Lebanon ) against the enemy ! A battle plan of Response must be in place immediately !
Signed Wolf !!!!!.....

Missing hb9z over 7 years

anyone remembers how the syrian army left lebanon in 5 hours after 30 freaking years ......once assad thought that Bush is not playing around he vacated the area and called lebanon quit......Assad is not a warrior , he is a murderer, he is not a fighter , but gets other people to do his dirty job....if the congress /house give approval, obama will take it and go to St peterbourg with a strong back up and deal with russia and MAY BE some understanding can happen in the best case scenario and assad will hand the power to someelse in the baas party.....just hoping

Thumb _-_wolf_-_ over 7 years

I'm not for Bachar , but comparing the two ( FSA/ Al Nusra ) is like comparing between Israel & KSA !
Signed Wolf !!!!!

Missing hb9z over 7 years

it will sort itself out.....the libyan people is not ruled by takfirists even though they are there and also hold some power.....when people have guns its difficult for extremists to rule them.....