Wahab: Syria Would Interfere in Lebanon with All Means to Stop Strife

Tawhid movement leader Wiam Wahab said Syria would interfere "with all its means" in Lebanon in case there was Sunni-Shiite strife in the country.

"I know the Syrian mind and I know that if there was sectarian strife in Lebanon, Syria would interfere because it would be the first to be harmed by this," Wahab told the Kuwaiti al-Jarida newspaper in an interview published Wednesday.

"It would interfere with all means to stop strife," he said.

Asked if he backed a military intervention in Lebanon, Wahab told his interviewer: "I don't support Syrian military involvement at all. But I back such an intervention in case of strife among Lebanese."

He reiterated that the Lebanese government should withdraw the Lebanese judges from the Special Tribunal for Lebanon and stop funding the court.

"Those who want to live in Lebanon should know that the country is more important than the international tribunal," Wahab said.

"In case the government decided to interact with any indictment issued by this court, we will not stand idle," he said.