Jumblat: State is Final Shelter in Protecting National Unity, Resistance, Calls for Maintaining Balanced Rhetoric

Progressive Socialist Party leader MP Walid Jumblat noted Thursday that, regardless if the Borj Abi Haidar clash was an individual incident or not, "the state remains the final shelter for protecting national unity and the Resistance … based on the equation of the people, army, and Resistance."

He said in a statement a commitment should be made towards this equation as a general principle, "which means carrying out a serious investigation in the recent unrest on the basis of affirming peace and stability and preventing security disorder."

"Regional and international developments confirm that the conflict with Israel is still long, and is still in its early stages, which demands diligence in order to thwart Israel's attempts at creating internal strife in Lebanon," Jumblat added.

He also called for supporting the army and security forces "more than ever" so that they may perform their duties of protecting civil peace and internal stability, urging political powers to maintain "balanced and moderate rhetoric during this critical stage."