Chavez: Clinton Should Resign over WikiLeaks

Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez Monday called on U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to resign after the leak of embarrassingly candid U.S. diplomatic correspondence by WikiLeaks.

"The empire stands naked... Mrs. Clinton should resign," Chavez said in a speech, using his favorite description of the United States. "It's the least you can do: resign, along with those other delinquents working in the State Department."

Chavez zeroed in on a diplomatic cable with a request to the U.S. embassy in Argentina for information on President Cristina Kirchner's "mental health." The message asked if she was taking medication for "nerves and stress."

"Somebody should study Mrs. Clinton's mental stability," said Chavez.

"I believe somebody should resign. I don't mean it should be (U.S.) President (Barack) Obama, but the whole structure over there should fall apart, if only through embarrassment," he added.

The United States "attacks... disrespects" other governments, including its allies and keeps tabs on other presidents, Chavez said.

"Whatever was left of its mask has finally dropped away," he said, praising WikiLeaks for "its courage."(AFP)