Suleiman Meets Jumblat, Announcement of Consultation Results Not Looming in Horizon

President Michel Suleiman ends consultations with top Lebanese officials on Monday after holding talks with Progressive Socialist Party leader Walid Jumblat.

A source involved in the consultations that Suleiman started at Baabda palace last week, told An Nahar newspaper that the president would not announce the results of his talks anytime soon.

There are ongoing regional consultations, particularly by Riyadh and Damascus in parallel with local efforts made by Suleiman to end the Lebanese crisis, the source said.

That’s why “it is too early” to make an announcement, he told An Nahar.

Jumblat also told al-Binaa newspaper that he did not have any information about the initiative but was waiting for its results.

Meanwhile, ministerial sources reiterated to pan-Arab daily al-Hayat that Suleiman did not ask the officials he met to refer the issue of false witnesses to the national dialogue table.

Some officials have misunderstood Suleiman and thought he was asking the cabinet to drop discussion of the issue, they said.