Mottaki: Resistance the Only Thing Israel Understands

Resistance is the only thing Israel understands, Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki said on Monday during a visit to Greece.

"History has shown that Israel understands no language other than resistance," Manouchehr Mottaki told a press conference on the sidelines of his two-day visit to Athens for talks with Greek leaders.

Iran and Israel have regularly traded threats and insults over the decades and Tehran has lately accused Jerusalem of collusion in the recent assassination of one of its senior nuclear scientists.

"When Israel understands and feels that resistance in the area is strong, it will refrain from provocative acts," Mottaki said.

He singled out the case of Lebanon where Israel faced stiff resistance from Hizbullah in a month-long attack four years ago.

"Until its last attack on Lebanon, (Israel) believed it could enforce its will and attack wherever it wished," Mottaki said.

"When I visited Lebanon in 2006, the prime minister told me this was the seventh invasion by Israel. I responded that resistance on the Lebanese side showed it would be the last."(AFP)