Report: Sarkozy will Urge Assad to Exert Pressure on Allies to Deal Responsibly with Indictment

French President Nicolas Sarkozy will urge his Syrian counterpart Bashar Assad to exert influence on his Lebanese allies to calm the situation in Lebanon, Arab diplomatic sources told al-Liwaa daily.

Assad will visit Paris on Thursday for talks with top French officials, including Sarkozy, who is making contacts with Arab officials involved with the situation in Lebanon to contain any incident that could erupt following the release of the indictment by the international tribunal.

The sources said the French president will also tell Assad to pressure the March 8 forces into dealing with the indictment with the utmost responsibility to preserve Lebanon’s safety and unity.

Sarkozy is seeking to help Lebanese officials achieve a settlement that prevents strife from which no one will emerge victorious, the sources added.