March 14 to Launch Initiative to Consolidate Stability Following Indictment

A group of March 14 officials and intellectuals will launch an initiative on Tuesday on ways to use the indictment that will be issued by the international tribunal to consolidate stability in Lebanon, March 14 general-secretariat coordinator Fares Soaid told Voice of Lebanon radio station.

The initiative, which will be in the form of a political document, will be announced at hotel Le Gabriel on Tuesday afternoon, he said. It will be aimed at consolidating stability and justice and paving the way for consensus among Lebanese.

Soaid warned that if appropriate measures are not taken, the indictment would lead to a political earthquake whose repercussions would be similar to those of ex-Premier Rafik Hariri’s assassination.

The March 14 official also warned March 8 forces not to put sticks in the wheels of state institutions, including the cabinet.