Qaouq: U.S. Vetoing Syrian-Saudi Effort, False Witnesses File


Hizbullah official Sheikh Nabil Qaouq said Wednesday that the Special Tribunal for Lebanon was being exploited to compensate for the Israeli defeat in the July 2006 war on Lebanon.

Qaouq pointed out that Hizbullah did not need the latest Wikileaks documents to know that the U.S. was controlling all aspects of the STL decisions.

He stressed during a Ashoura commemoration ceremony in Nabatiyeh that “the American administration is an obstacle for the Syrian-Saudi effort aiming at finding a solution for Lebanon’s crisis,” revealing that “it has vetoed that effort.”

“The Lebanese government has been crippled because of an American decision prohibiting the trial of false witnesses in order to protect senior politicians in Lebanon and major capitals which fabricated and financed these witnesses,” Qaouq said.

He stressed “the importance of resolving the false witnesses file in order to reactivate the work of the government”, wondering about “the reason for delaying the decision of their trials through the judicial council.”

"This delay is evidence that there is no decision to put them on trial."

"After the WikiLeaks and its scandals, our partners in the country are supposed to become closer to us, and they are supposed to realize the hidden American intentions towards Lebanon and the Arabs”, he added.

The Hizbullah official also said: “Those who think that hurrying the indictment gives added advantage in the negotiations are mistaken because the phase before the indictment will certainly not going to be the same after it."

Qaouq stressed that “the opposition has a united position in the face of the American conspiracy project,” adding that “the resistance will not be shaken up by the international decisions, international tribunals or Israeli wars.”