India and France Vow to Make Paris 2015 a Success


In a joint statement issued by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and French president Francois Hollande, the two leaders have vowed to cooperate closer in the fight against climate change and to work jointly to reach an effective global climate agreement in Paris at the end of the year. The key paragraph of the joint statement, published during last week's visit of Prime Minister Modi to France:

“Tackling the issue of climate change is of vital importance for the sake of today's world and future generations. Prime Minister extended his full support to France for a successful outcome of CoP 21 to UNFCCC to be held in Paris later this year.

The leaders expressed confidence that the Paris Conference will finalize an historic agreement for the post 2020 period.

This will further strengthen the resolve and the efforts of the international community to address the profound challenge of climate change, to facilitate access to a low carbon pathway and resilient sustainable development for all whilst keeping the global temperature rise below 2 degree C.

They underscored the importance of working together and with other countries to conclude an ambitious, comprehensive, universal, balanced and equitable climate agreement in Paris that will also encourage genuine technology, collaboration for adaptation and mitigation and financial support in meeting this common global challenge.

The submission by parties of their intended nationally-determined contributions well before COP21 will be an important step on the road to Paris.

They also stressed the importance of immediate action to raise ambition before 2020, and the need to fulfill commitments made for the pre-2020 period. They also acknowledged the role of several voluntary international initiatives in complementing the multilateral climate action under the UNFCCC.

In this context, the leaders underlined the importance of enhancing Indo-French cooperation on joint research and development and technology innovation as well as diffusion of clean energy and efficiency solutions that will help in transitioning towards a climate resilient and low carbon economy.”


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