Berri Threatens to Uncover Violations of Law if Political Rhetoric Does Not Stop

Speaker Nabih Berri warned that he will uncover a set of violations of the law if political rhetoric does not stop.

"I will hold a press conference if things go on like this and explain in detail before the Lebanese the violations that are taking place at some (public) departments," he said in remarks published Wednesday by the daily An-Nahar.

"Many in the Government do not respect the simplest rules and they daily violate the law," he added.

Berri pointed out that while he is seeking to calm tensions to avoid a civil strife, others are violating laws and regulations "in such a way that we must not stay quiet."

He criticized those in the Government who do not want to look into the Council of the South budget "which heals the wounds of residents of this area as a result of Israeli attacks."

In a separate interview with Ad-Diyar newspaper, Berri also expressed his deep distress over the current situation in Lebanon, stressing that he continues to work in order to face up to the challenges and attempts to sow discord.

"The situation is unbearable in the absence of law implementation," Berri thought, adding that "this is the root of the problem."