Fidel Castro Seen in State Media for Third Time in a Week


Fidel Castro appeared in state-run media Monday for the third time in less than a week, which is extremely rare for the father of the Cuban revolution.

Castro, 90, who ceded power to his brother Raul in 2006, received visiting Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang at home on Sunday.

In three photos published Monday in state media, Castro is wearing his traditional sweat suit and looks fit for his age.

Over the past week Castro was also seen in separate photos with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, both of whom were vising Havana.

Prior to this flurry of diplomacy the last time Castro was last seen in public was August 13 when he turned 90.

Before that, appearing at the closing session of a meeting of the Cuban Communist Party, Castro's voice quivered as he said he does not have much time left.

"Soon, I will have finished, like everyone. The time will come, for all of us," Castro said.