Reports: Morocco Arrests Hizbullah-Linked Businessman at Washington's Request


Prominent Lebanese businessman Qassem Tajeddine, who is close to Hizbullah, has been arrested in Morocco at Washington's request, media reports said on Tuesday.

LBCI television said Tajeddine, 61, was arrested at Casablanca's airport on Monday morning.

Information obtained by LBCI said the arrest was made “at the request of U.S. intelligence.”

MTV said Tajeddine arrived at Casablanca's airport from Africa and was scheduled to travel to Beirut aboard a Royal Air Maroc plane.

Residents of the southern town of Hanaway, Tajeddine's hometown, described the arrest as a “kidnap,” noting that “U.S. intelligence agencies have pressed Morocco to detain him.”

According to MTV, Tajeddine's family has communicated with the Foreign Ministry and Minister Jebran Bassil is “following up on the case in person.”

“Speaker Nabih Berri has also been following up on the issue from the very first moment,” MTV added.

Progressive Socialist Party leader MP Walid Jumblat had on Monday urged Lebanese authorities to follow up on the case.

“Regardless of the motives and circumstances behind Hajj Qassem Tajeddine's arrest, logic says that our State should ask about him,” Jumblat tweeted.

The man and his brothers, Hussein and Ali, have been blacklisted by the United States since 2009.

According to reports, the U.S. Treasury has put him on its sanctions lists and accused him of laundering money and using the funds to “support terrorist activities.”

Tajeddine is also accused of running several companies that “cover up for Hizbullah's activities in Africa.”

Angola had frozen the economic activities of the Tajeddine family in recent years, “also at Washington's request,” media reports have said.

Together with his two brothers, Qassem Tajeddine has built a global foodstuffs and real estate network in several countries across the world. The man is also involved in real estate projects in Lebanon.

In 2003, he was jailed for two months in Belgium where he was interrogated over charges of “laundering money on behalf of Hizbullah.”

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Thumb 7 years

always the same terroristic people.

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and we all know how "accurate" your guessing usually is. lol

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Simply genius! How you keep them guessing as to what religion you are is like watching a surgeon at work. He performs the most difficult operations but people don't know he is a surgeon.

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does the US do the same harassment against businessmen who support israeli war crimes and keep funding the zionist killing machine?

Thumb _mowaten_ 7 years

shameful however how easily the US manages to use arabs against arabs. shame on the moroccans who are acting like their maids...

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This is a known terrorist and a money launderer. All his business activities are illegal and he launders money for hezbollah.

meanwhile "Tajeddine's family has communicated with the Foreign Ministry and Minister Jebran Bassil is “following up on the case in person.”

Is Bassil following up in person on Nizar Zakka, the Lebanese engineer/businessman arrested in Tehran? Of course not.!

Thumb enterprise 7 years

leave it up to @gigaheretic to come to the defense of his criminals

Thumb justin 7 years

The tajeddines are a front for hezbollah's money laundering and drug activities. He should be handed over to the USA as soon as possible.

Thumb marcus 7 years

"with a US passport and permanent residence in the US"

Nizar Zika does not hold a US passport ya troll.
"many newsletters reported that, and all info points to that direction."

so did "many newsletters reported that, and all info points to that direction" in the case of your heretic tajeddine,

but you can say what you want shia troll, whatever you want.

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I have the utmost respect for Mr. @blablablabla because he is a successful businessman like Mr. Tajeddine, because he is European, and for having the latest telex machine at his Paris headquarters.

I also respect him for having a beautiful secretary called Beatrice.

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It is fun to watch the heretic @flamerotten answer for his other aliases when they are questioned.

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The silver lining for Tajeddine is that at least he won't have to fly Royal Air Maroc. Man that airline is the absolute worst! The worst!!!

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have you tried both texie?

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he's not a lebanese citizen. he spent nearly all his life living in the US and working for the US."

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