Hale: Hizbullah Preventing Establishment of Peaceful State in Lebanon


Visiting U.S. undersecretary of state for political affairs, David Hale, met President Michel Aoun in Baabda on Thursday after which he told reporters that Hizbullah’s Iran-financed illegal activities prevent the establishment of a peaceful state in Lebanon, and urged for a quick formation of a government.

The U.S. embassy in Beirut released Hale’s statement from Baabda:

I came to Lebanon at the request of Secretary Blinken to underscore the Biden Administration’s continued commitment to the Lebanese people and our shared desire for stability and prosperity in Lebanon.

Over the past three days, I have met with many Lebanese leaders to discuss the prolonged political gridlock and deteriorating economic conditions here. 

The Lebanese people are clearly suffering.  They’re suffering because Lebanese leaders have failed to meet their responsibility to put the country’s interests first and to address the mounting socio-economic problems. People have lost their life savings, can no longer access basic health care, and struggle to feed their families. 

I visited Lebanon in December 2019 and again in August 2020. I heard then an unmistakable call for change from Lebanese from all backgrounds. These demands are universal: for transparency, accountability, and an end to the endemic corruption and mismanagement that have caused such hardship. If these demands had been met, Lebanon would be on the road to fulfilling its tremendous potential. Yet today, there has been very little progress. But it’s not too late.

We have long called for Lebanon’s leaders to show sufficient flexibility to form a government that is willing and capable of reversing the collapse under way. The time to build a government, not block it, is now. The time to build a government is now. The time for comprehensive reform is now. And America and the international community are ready to help.  But we can’t help, as I said yesterday, without a Lebanese partner.

Those who continue to obstruct progress on the reform agenda jeopardize their relationship with the United States and our partners and open themselves up to punitive actions. Those who facilitate progress can be assured of our strong support.

Hizballah’s accumulation of dangerous weapons, smuggling, and other illicit and corrupt activities undermine legitimate state institutions. They rob the Lebanese of the ability to build a peaceful and prosperous country. And it’s Iran that is fueling and financing this challenge to the state and this distortion of Lebanese political life.

This brings me to America’s renewed negotiations over Iran’s nuclear program. A mutual return to compliance with the Iran nuclear deal is in our interest and in the interest of regional stability, but it would only be the beginning of our work. As we address the other elements of Iran’s destabilizing behavior, America will not abandon our interests and our friends here in Lebanon.

Finally, I’d like to reiterate, as I did today, that America stands ready to facilitate negotiations on the maritime boundary between Lebanon and Israel on the basis on which we initiated these discussions. These negotiations have potential to unlock significant economic benefits for Lebanon. And this is all the more critical against the backdrop of the severe economic crisis the country is facing. As needed, international experts can be brought in to help inform all of us.

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Thumb marcus 3 years

“Hizbullah and its illegal activities prevent the establishment of a peaceful state, and Iran is financing this,” Hale told reporters after his meeting with Aoun.

That's what every true Lebanese echoes.

Missing phillipo 3 years

Finally someone comes out telling the truth.

Missing 1948 3 years

Thank you Israeli stooge

Missing 1948 3 years

what rubbish but its okay Saudi Arabia to influence Lebanon

Default-user-icon cocoman (Guest) 3 years

100% true. Kizb is the cancer of Lebanon... Along with the mafia stealing the country in the past 30 years

Missing kazan 3 years

Like any consultant they tell you what you already know, yes Hizbala is Lebanon problem, we know it. No doubt sooner or later hizbala will disappear. Remember " c'est le people qui fait le roi" ,and the Lebanese love having their Druze,Muslims, Christians Feudal "ROI".Meaning ? if these royalties remain, then don't expect visible change, because of this medieval feudal system Lebanese had always (before the existence of hizbala) sectarian conflicts . Because of these feudal kings, since August , the country has no government.

Missing easygoing 3 years

The only situation here is to take out Hezbullah from Lebanon. How? Because they aren’t going to leave by there own for sure.. they are the biggest Cancer for the lebanese. No one will invest in Lebanon while this dogs are there. Why the hell they don’t go to Iran and let the Lebanese alone. Why is Lebanon in war with Israel? Lebanese should live in peace with Israel.

Thumb chrisrushlau 3 years

Talks are underway between the US, UK and France to move the US troops from Afghanistan to Lebanon, David Hale told reporters during a booze-fest at his underground HQ in Jordan. "It's not just Hezbullah representing the majority of Lebanese, who are Shia Muslims, that we oppose. It is democracy in principle. When you people are ready for democracy, we'll let you know. Ha, ha, ha, ha!"