Corm says govt. has last chance to save telecom sector in Friday's session


Telecommunications Minister Johnny Corm on Thursday said Cabinet has a “last chance” to save the telecom sector from collapse in Friday’s session, warning that his resignation is on the table if no action is taken.

“If the decree of hiking telecom tariffs is not approved, do not hold me responsible. The elections are over and the issue no longer bears politicization. The failure to approve the tariff will affect citizens in a more negative manner and in the name of the Lebanese economy we are raising our voices,” Corm said at a press conference.

“Cabinet has the last chance tomorrow to halt the collapse of the sector through hiking the tariffs of the cellular sector, seeing as without internet we will have no schools, hospitals or economy, and without economy Lebanon cannot exist,” Corm warned.

“If my suggestion is not endorsed, my resignation will be on the table, because telecommunications has no alternative, and it is my duty to implement the laws,” the minister added, stressing that rescuing the sector is an “urgent” matter.

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