Sayyed after meeting Aoun: Presidency powers can't be ceded to caretaker govt.


MP Jamil al-Sayyed held talks Tuesday at the Baabda Palace with President Michel Aoun.

“The continuation of the caretaker government until the presidential elections is a conspiracy against the people, the President and the presidential tenure,” Sayyed said after the meeting.

“The presidency’s powers cannot be ceded to a caretaker government,” the lawmaker added.

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Thumb Geralt 1 month

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You Syrian dog, traitor to the nation and to all what patriotism stands for!

Missing cedars 1 month

You are the biggest traitor of your own you sleep at night with you recall for years how you took your orders from the non state and followed the direction of your Syrian masters to provoke and threaten man Lebanese figures

Missing singldad 1 month

syrian puppet

Thumb thepatriot 1 month

Evil Creature. Your time will come.