Mikati tells UN General Assembly of 'tangible progress' in sea border talks


Prime Minister-designate Najib Mikati on Thursday stressed to the U.N. General Assembly “the commitment of Lebanon to the implementation of all the stipulations of Resolution 1701 and all international legitimacy resolutions.”

Turning to the issue of sea border demarcation with Israel, Mikati hailed the U.S. mediation in the file and emphasized Lebanon’s “ultimate adherence to its sovereignty, rights and resources in its territorial waters and Exclusive Economic Zone.”

“We reiterate to you our honest desire to reach the long-awaited negotiated solution and I’m pleased to inform you that we have achieved tangible progress which we hope will reach its aspired conclusions soon,” Mikati added.

Separately, the premier pleaded to “brotherly and friendly countries” to “stand by Lebanon, specifically in its current crisis, and to assist it to exit it and address its dangerous repercussions on the Lebanese people and the state’s structure and hierarchy.”

“We are looking forward to the re-convention of the conference of Lebanon’s friends which France has always hosted in cooperation with Lebanon’s friends and brothers,” Mikati went on to say.

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Missing arturo 8 months

Wow, he's saying Lebanon plans to implement 1701!! This will cause a military battle between Hezbollah and the LAF. No one believes LAF has the power to win that.