Hezbollah hails 'heroic' Palestinian attack in east Jerusalem


Hezbollah has praised an attack by a Palestinian gunman that killed seven Israelis as "heroic."

In a statement, the Lebanese group also voiced "absolute support for all the steps taken by the Palestinian resistance factions."

The attack took place outside a synagogue in a settler neighborhood in east Jerusalem. It came a day after one of the deadliest Israeli army raids in the occupied West Bank in roughly two decades, as well as rocket fire from militants in the Gaza Strip and Israeli retaliatory air strikes.

Several Arab nations that have ties with Israel -- including Egypt, Jordan and the United Arab Emirates -- condemned Friday night's shooting.

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Missing phillipo 1 month

Wow, how heroic to kill women and as 14 year old boy.
But when one Palestinian carrying arms is killed they are really angry.
No wonder that all peaceloving countries including the Arab States which are at peace with Israel condemned it.
It is also no surprising that the "Palestinian Authority" has not mentioned anything on the matter.
The only question remaining now is - When and how strong will Israel retaliate.

Missing gabriel01 1 month

Disgusting terrorists supporting disgusting terrorists.