Kanaan urges state, BDL to cooperate with Budget Committee


The Finance and Budget Committee convened Monday to study the draft law on "restoring the balance of financial regularity."

MP Ibrahim Kanaan stated after the meeting that all the required data is still missing, asking the government, the Banking Control Commission and the Central Bank to provide the needed information and figures.

Kanaan also urged the caretaker Prime Minister and the ministers of finance and economy to cooperate.

The discussion will resume next Wednesday and the MPs are leaning towards forming a subcommittee in order to intensify the discussions.

"The Lebanese must be informed in a transparent way about the capabilities, assets, and responsibilities of the state, the central bank, and the banks," Kanaan said.

He stressed that the Central Bank is responsible for giving the final numbers, and the state and the banks are responsible for announcing their assets and "what is left from the depositors' money."

"We can not put all the burden on the shoulders of the depositors and the Lebanese," Kanaan said.