Iran: KSA deal a political earthquake that spells end of US hegemony


A senior military advisor to Iran’s supreme leader Ali Khamenei said Sunday that the reconciliation agreement between Iran and Saudi Arabia will put an end to the United States’ “hegemony” in the West Asia region.

At a ceremony, Major General Yahya Rahim Safavi said the Iran-Saudi deal will benefit both countries and the entire West Asia region.

He added that the look-to-the-East policy will “increase Iran’s geopolitical weight” and benefit the Iranian nation.

“We hope that our region will move towards security and lasting peace thanks to this agreement,” said the general.

The China-brokered agreement, he added, was a “political earthquake” that spelled the end of the American hegemony in the region.

The agreement negotiated in Beijing to restore relations between Saudi Arabia and Iran was announced on Friday. Under the deal, the two Middle Eastern heavyweights will exchange ambassadors and reopen embassies within two months.

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Missing un520 3 months

"...the end of American hegemony..." I`m sorry, but haven`t we heard this over and over again for the last decades. Deal or not, I`m pretty sure that the Saudis would not matter if the US decided to bomb the mullahs out of their palaces...

Thumb Mystic 3 months

The end of the Western era. The East has risen, the west is preoccupied with Ukraine whilst the world is changing.
The difference is now that Russia is in open war with the West, and this drains all of the west's energy and resources, China expanding in the meantime. Saudi Arabia realised that their American masters abandoned them and now they must turn eastward to survive.