Geagea urges 'real' president who has 'sovereign and reformist' plan


Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea on Wednesday stressed that the Lebanese are in “dire need of the election of a real and not pretended president for the country.”

“The situation no longer allows for exhausting the experiences of which the Lebanese have grown tired, after they proved futile and led us into what we are in now,” Geagea said, in a meeting with a delegation from the American Task Force for Lebanon.

“We are before a decisive and critical moment that requires us to elect a president who has a sovereign and reformist platform and who can shoulder the country’s burdens and put it on the track of salvation, not electing someone who merely has good characteristics and they are plenty,” Geagea added.

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Thumb gebran_sons 11 days

The presidential charade is a trap. All sovereign leaders should stay away from it and facilitate a Frangieh-Miqati election. Hizbollah reign is crumbling. Let it fall on its Useful Idiots and be blamed for what it created. In fact Iran rulers will be shortly crumbling too as the only Great Satan left is them. Sovereign Lebanese Leaders should focus on Cedar Revolution II, a million plus grass-root demonstration to provide a clear message to the world, restore our dignity and culture, and liberate the Country from Basij occupation. A committee should be formed from sovereign leaders, intellectuals and activists to manage the phase following liberation to restore sovereignty, independence, freedom and justice. Cedar Revolution II will mirror Cedar Revolution I with one critical difference: It will answer the critical question if Lebanon should be one or two countries so each more effectively achieve its distinct objectives that have nothing left in common.

Thumb Mrowwe 11 days

Please take your schicophrenia medication.

Thumb gebran_sons 11 days

No need for schizophrenia. You will have your own Hizbollastan, million Iranian rockets, all government posts and media outlets, army of brave martyrs so you can wage war with Israel for the next 100 years. Just we won't let you suck our blood anymore, hurt our family, nor sacrifice our freedom, democracy and independence for the glory of Iranian nuclear nirvana. Enough of this virulent cancer. Bon debarras!

Thumb Mrowwe 11 days

Nobody takes you seriously, you sound like a lunatic with a God-complex.

Thumb gebran_sons 10 days

Oh I'm shocked! I usually never waste time answering brainless comments. This only exception is a metaphor for all sovereign Lebanese, especially in the diaspora, to stop wasting time arguing or convincing others about Iranian occupation and our ability to end it and liberate the country as we did in 2005 from Assad occupation. Those who believe in Cedar Revolution ultimate triumph should focus on what unite us and our primary objective; and put our efforts and expertise to resurrect Lebanon and develop eco-political-social-financial plans for the future of Lebanon knowing the imminent collapse of the Basij occupation and political mafia.

Thumb gebran_sons 11 days

Most of us with managerial responsibilities understand our performance is not reviewed based on our own capability but rather considering our entire team capabilities. There is zero doubt that the capability of the Lebanese people, whether at home or in diaspora, is unmatched by any country. And that includes all levels from education, to engineering, technology, innovation, managerial, banking, insurance, media, health, artistic and intellectual to name a few. We simply need to liberate Lebanon from the basij and political mafia, restore sovereignty and no arms outside army, clean house, develop a plan, elect honest competent persons committed to implementing the decided plan. All easily achieved once liberated. Cedar Revolution II will set the path. Lebanon is dying, occupied and hijacked by a brutal force foreign to our culture and traditions. It is a crime for us not to help!

Thumb gebran_sons 11 days

Where Free Lebanon can be in 10 years: Monorail from Tripoli to Tyre. 80% renewable energy by 2035 (funded in part by Carbon Trade). Electrification of transport with EV cars batteries serving to stabilize the electric grid. Multiple tunnels from coast to Bekaa and Syria for trucks and cars (TBM funded by tolls). Pipelines from Gulf to save on Suez fees. Fiber optic lines along monorail and tunnels linking all Lebanese regions. Mini Silicon Valleys and high education colleges in all regions making Lebanon an extended office to giant corporation. Technology campuses in Bekaa, Akkar & South. Industry with robots and AI. Dams & modern fish farms. Streamlined on-line government processes. Accountability. War on corruption at all levels. Green spaces. Modern infrastructure (funded by user fees). Political and economic stability plus Irish-type incentive to attract international firms… then exiled brain will return along with diaspora retirees bringing billions in hard currency.