Berri says no one has luxury of time as to presidential election


Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri on Wednesday hoped that parliament will be able to carry out the presidential election soon, urging all parties to realize that “no one has the luxury of wasting time amid the deterioration of the financial, economic and social situations.”

“The dollar exchange rate has crossed the LBP 100,000 mark” on the black market, Berri added.

“I cannot conceal my concern that prolonging the presidential vacuum and continuing to paralyze the work of institutions would have disastrous repercussions from which no one will remain safe, even the obstructors,” the Speaker said.

Reiterating that the election of a president is “the solution key that paves the way for taking the course of salvation,” Berri stressed that “dialogue and consensus are the only choice to approach all big and small issues, topped by the presidency.”

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Missing samiam 13 minutes

No one who casts blank votes or doesn't call for sessons has the rigt to say that.

And Barry needs to be replaces--he is a cancer on Lebanon.