KSA says no 'detailed understandings' with Iran over Lebanon, Iraq


Saudi Arabia has not reached “detailed understandings” with Iran over “the crises in Iraq and Lebanon,” the Saudi-owned Al-Arabiya TV quoted a Saudi source as saying on Thursday.

Commenting on the landmark reconciliation agreement reached between the kingdom and Iran last week, Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan said that “Lebanon needs Lebanese rapprochement, not Iranian-Saudi rapprochement.”

Iran and Saudi Arabia have agreed to reestablish diplomatic relations and reopen embassies after seven years of tensions. The major diplomatic breakthrough negotiated with China lowers the chance of armed conflict between the Mideast rivals -- both directly and in proxy conflicts around the region.

Iran long has backed the Lebanese Shiite armed group and political party Hezbollah, while Saudi Arabia has backed the country's Sunni politicians as well as the Christian Lebanese Forces and the Druze Progressive Socialist Party. Easing tensions between Riyadh and Tehran could see the two push for a political reconciliation in Lebanon, which is facing a presidential vacuum and an unprecedented financial meltdown.