Nasrallah: KSA, Iran didn't discuss Lebanon, presidential file is domestic


Hezbollah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah on Wednesday noted that Iran and Saudi Arabia did not tackle the Lebanese file in the talks that led to their recent reconciliation agreement, stressing that the presidential file is “domestic” and that the Lebanese “must benefit from the positive atmosphere.”

“Things are going slow in the presidential file but efforts are still ongoing,” Nasrallah said in a televised address.

“We hope the Iranian-Saudi agreement will help” in the presidential file, Hezbollah’s leader added.

He also said that claims in Lebanon that there would be an annex to the Saudi-Iranian agreement are baseless.

Commenting on the Israeli accusations related to the blast that went off at Megiddo’s junction in northern Israel, Nasrallah said “Hezbollah's silence is part of the battle with the enemy,” while describing the suspect shot dead by Israel as a “martyr mujahid”.

Nasrallah also warned Israel that “it is not guaranteed that an attack on Lebanon will not lead to a war.”

“A war on Lebanon might lead to war in the entire region and the demise of Israel,” he said.

“Any military or security Zionist attack on Lebanon will be met with a fast response from the resistance,” Nasrallah vowed.

As for the dire economic situation in Lebanon, Nasrallah said “the state should not stand idly.”

“The dollar rate fluctuations are not logical … (and) the issue of printing liras in this manner needs a discussion,” Nasrallah said.

“The economic situation is the responsibility of all political forces in the country, not only the central bank governor or the premier,” he added.

“If we can't elect a president or form a government, there is no justification at all for rejecting an economic dialogue table,” Nasrallah lamented.

Noting that “rescuing the lira requires a real and comprehensive plan,” Hezbollah’s pointed out that there is a possibility to draw foreign investments.

“The Chinese are ready … Why are doors closed in the face of China? This only requires a political decision and political courage,” Nasrallah added.

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Missing HellAndWaite 1 year

on bowing in hopes of a Chinese glance: why so eager to further mortgage the country's dwindling freedoms to yet another foreign self-interest?

Surely Hiding Hassan is not as ignorant as he portrays himself in public speeches. It is hard for anyone so old and fat from excess to appear coy ... harder even than appearing coy in a burka.

Of course,

Thumb EagleDawn 1 year

The day this Evil Iranian Sectarian Terrorist is brutally and violently murdered is the day we celebrate our true independence.

Thumb 1 year

Alléluia !

Thumb gebran_sons 1 year

Yesterday I called my Mom who lives in Beirut for Mother’s Day. My Mom and every retiree has been stripped from their life savings, pension, health insurance, dignity and hope. Reflecting the level of distress and misery of every resident living in a failed country run by a political mafia and under Basij occupation. The one accomplishment from yesterday call is convincing Mom to leave Beirut as I can no longer justify sending money that indirectly is supporting the political mafia and criminal Basij that brought us to hell. Nassrallah, convicted of Killing Hariri and 22 others followed by M14 Martyrs that destroyed our economy, reputation, tourism and caused an exodus of all Western firms, Is now preaching us on his imaginary victories. No one is fooled that Netanyahu was only elected because of Hizbollah and that our primary enemy is anyone threatening our democracy, freedom, independence, sovereignty, economy, justice and that’s unmistakably Hizb and duo.

Missing rami 1 year

He looks a bit lost and confused.

Missing rabiosa 1 year

The Chinese Communist Party does not invest in any country without it controlling that investment. I can't wait to see the Communists clash versus the Islamists.