Jumblat resigns after 46 years as PSP chief


Progressive Socialist Party leader Walid Jumblat on Thursday announced his resignation as PSP chief, a post he has held since the 1977 assassination of his father Kamal Jumblat.

Jumblat also resigned from the PSP’s leadership council and called for an electoral convention on June 25 as per the party’s constitution and bylaws, the PSP’s al-Anbaa news portal reported.

“He has tasked the general secretariat with finalizing the necessary preparations according to the norms and the applicable mechanisms, and to issue the relevant memos related to the dates for accepting nomination requests, withdrawal deadlines and the conditions related to the electoral process,” al-Anbaa added.

Jumblat, 73, quit his parliamentary career in 2018, passing the torch to his son and political heir Taymour Jumblat, who was elected as MP in the 2018 and 2022 legislative elections.

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Thumb i.report 1 year

There is a segment of the Lebanese society that holds the belief that political dynasties and familial rule should govern a nation, advocating indirectly for a return to feudalism. However, it is important to critically examine this notion in light of the core principles that underpin a progressive society, namely democracy, equality, and meritocracy. Embracing such a concept directly contradicts these foundational principles, impeding the pursuit of a fair and just society that values individual rights and opportunities for all.

Thumb gebran_sons 1 year

Good Move! Lebanon is fighting for its life and future. While Jumblat was a pillar in the Cedar Revolution, his connections to and participation with the political mafia is a major hindrance for our liberation fight. No more places for mixed message. Lebanon is under occupation by Hizbollah Basij. The liberation path should be at all levels with priority to dividing the Country into Hizbollahstan and Free Lebanon. This respects duo voters wishes to establish their own theocracy rule. Hizbollahstan will extend from south of Saida east then north along Syrian border including Nabatye and Bekaa. Dahie of course will remain in Free Lebanon and expect its population to double as most free Shia will refuse to live under basij rule (just look how many are immigrating to Iran versus the West). This permanent solution will respect election results and allow Free Lebanon to get rid of its Useful Idiots and restore freedom, democracy and civility that made us unique in the region.