Nassar honors Rodge: Amr Diab concert returned Lebanon to tourism map


Caretaker Tourism Minister Walid Nassar has honored prominent Lebanese music producer and DJ Rodge over his achievements in the field of music and concerts in Lebanon and the world, offering him a memorial shield.

Nassar said that he wanted to honor Rodge “at the building of the Ministry of Tourism, not anywhere else,” noting that the Lebanese producer “has become famous internationally as well as locally and an icon of entertainment and musical culture as part of the entertainment tourism that Lebanon is known for.”

Nassar also lauded Amr Diab’s latest concert in Lebanon which featured Rodge as a DJ, announcing that “it put Lebanon back on the Arab and international tourism map.”

“The impact of this huge concert is still resonating across the entire Arab world in light of the large numbers of attendees, and this is due to the success of this concert’s organizers,” the minister added, noting that DJ Rodge played a key role in the concert’s success.

Nassar also noted that Rodge had taken part in Shakira’s 2011 concert in Lebanon.

“Although we are going through bad economic circumstances and a political crisis, we pride ourselves in such young talents in Lebanon, and it is our mission to support individuals such as Rodge,” the minister added.

Rodge for his part said he is proud to be Lebanese, noting that “the culture of Lebanese music and life has no equal in the world.” He also said that Nassar’s honoring of him gives him motivation to achieve further success, thanking the minister and any person who might help him in what he is doing.

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Thumb 10 months

Well, good for the DJ, but if a minister can give away plaques in nice wooden boxes to people, then the State can reimburse us our stolen savings. right?