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Building upon the success of the first two editions of ARAB ART FAIR; & on behalf of EDUCITY, the leading organizer of prestigious events, we warmly welcome you to join us on this extraordinary journey.

Step into a world of Art, creativity and culture at the 3rd edition of ARAB ART FAIR!

2-5 November, 2023 [Thu. – Sun.] from 12 PM till 8 PM


- Discover Talented Independent Artists.

- Engage in interactive discussions about Arab art.

- Buy Original Artworks at a very good price.

- Network with Artists, Gallerists, Curators, Collectors & Art lovers.

It's Free to Attend ARAB ART FAIR 2023! Register on the link below free of charge for this time only:  & Book your place.

Tips for Visitors of the 3rd edition of ARAB ART FAIR!

1.Free Day: Choose a day to visit when you will have plenty of time to spare. There will be a lot of art to see.

2.Keep a budget in mind: With so much on offer at ARAB ART FAIR, having a rough sense of budget can help scale down the list of works available.

3.Remember to bring your dimensions: If you are looking for art for a particular wall, then it’s important that you know the dimensions of the space. Measure in advance and take the information with you.

4.Make good use of the fair catalogue: The fair catalogue will give you an opportunity to look at the fair layout in advance and to note where any artists of particular interest to you are located.

5.Talk to the artists: Don’t be shy about talking to the artists that interest you, and asking questions.

6.Attend Panels: ARAB ART FAIR offer you the opportunity to attend different panels and to discuss your ideas with panelists.

For local visitors:

There are 4 ways to get to ARAB ART FAIR 2023:

- By taxi

- By towncar

- On foot

- Carpooling

For international visitors:

- It takes approximately 8 min to drive from Beirut Airport to ARAB ART FAIR 2023

- There are 100+ hotels available in Beirut. Prices start at $40 USD per night.

- Uber is available in Beirut.

When? November 2-5, 2023 [Thu. - Sun.]

Where? Coral Beach Hotel & Resort, Jnah, Beirut - Lebanon

See you in Beirut, and Let’s celebrate Art, Creativity and Culture at the 3rd edition of ARAB ART FAIR in Beirut this November!