'Over my dead body': Aoun reportedly intervenes to block army chief term extension


Ex-president Michel Aoun “personally intervened” overnight to block a possible extension of Army chief Joseph Aoun’s term in Thursday’s Cabinet session, MTV quoted sources as saying.

“Over my dead body,” the former president reportedly told close associates.

“He made phone calls with the relevant parties, especially with Hezbollah,” the sources added.

Governmental sources meanwhile told MTV that “Hezbollah is still taking its time regarding the extension of Army chief General Joseph Aoun’s term, not due to the presence of reservations over General Aoun as a person, but in order not to completely destroy the relation with the Free Patriotic Movement.”

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Thumb justice 15 days

“Over my dead body,” the former president reportedly told close associates.

Hopefully, we will see that body soon....

Thumb farsical.resistance 15 days

From the way Gebran Bassil unboxes Michel Aoun's body every time he needs him for a conference, a celebration or festival, and the way that body looks propped up in a vehicle or on a stage, I'm starting to think the that body need to be hand-cranked to start up, akin to the method commonly used at the turn of the last century to start the engines of automobiles.

Thumb i.report 15 days

Somehow, what you wrote reminded me of the alien corpses displayed at the Mexican Congress a couple of months ago.

In both scenarios—leveraging family ties for political gain in Lebanon and the display of 'aliens' at the Mexican Congress—there is a lack of substantial evidence, prompting skepticism. These instances involve extraordinary claims without adequate proof, leading to doubts among those assessing their credibility.

Missing gabriel01 15 days

But I admit you are right about one thing. I apologize if I broke my own rule. Never involve family or religious beliefs when someone insults or threatens you (like you uneducated lot love to do). My deepest apologies. Allah y khallilak immak wou 3ayltak

Missing gabriel01 15 days

And good for you if you’re successful. I myself hold a very high and prestigious position but it’s not just because of my capabilities and education but by the grace of God. Speaking of God, my apologies again. Although you started with the insults and threats, I should have just ignored them. Good luck.

Missing gabriel01 14 days

Oooops. And he’s banned again :D

Missing gabriel01 13 days

I meant it when I said allah yi khallilak 3ayeltak. Your meaningless and extremely juvenile insults won’t change that.

Missing gabriel01 13 days

Now you know how I found out about you being in the valet parking business:D

Missing gabriel01 13 days

I apologize if I don’t answer your comments or your meaningless and insignificant insults anymore. You’re unfortunately beneath me. Enough time wasted on a vulgar, uneducated and clearly disturbed individual. Good luck little man.