Report: Cabinet won't discuss army chief file next week


The issue of the looming vacuum in the army chief post is still the subject of intensive contacts and efforts but no progress has been made in this regard, which has forced the postponement of a Cabinet session that was supposed to be held Monday, a media report said on Sunday.

“The concentrated attempts to find a solution or exit for this crisis have not succeeded until the moment,” a ministerial source told ad-Diyar newspaper, stressing that Cabinet will not convene on Monday as had been previously reported.

The source also ruled out a Cabinet session next week, because “the army command deal has not ripened yet.”

“There are proposals that are being discussed, whether in terms of naming a new army chief and members for the military council, including the chief of staff, or in terms of extending General Joseph Aoun’s term by six months. But all these proposals are facing difficulties and obstacles,” the source added.

According to ad-Diyar, the idea of naming a new army commander made progress over the past three days after it turned out that the proposal of extending Aoun’s term is facing major hurdles in both Cabinet and parliament.