Geagea rejects 'showoff' dialogue, urges Berri to call for open-ended electoral session


Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea on Tuesday noted that the LF and the opposition are in “constant dialogue among each other.”

“This dialogue produced agreements over a first candidate and a second candidate. We are also in an open dialogue with the rest of the parliamentary blocs in an effort to elect a president in line with the constitutional texts,” Geagea said in a statement.

“This dialogue is taking place on a constant basis, but the difference is that it is totally free of extravaganza and parades,” Geagea added.

“We will not accept, under any circumstances, to be part of those who are creating constitutional norms through inventing an official dialogue table that precedes the election of a president,” the LF leader emphasized.

He added that those who want a “showoff and unconstitutional dialogue table” are free to take part in it.

“But what’s more important is for Speaker (Nabih) Berri to call for an open-ended session with successive rounds until the election of a president. Had there been commitment to the constitution from the very beginning, we would not have reached the current situation,” Geagea said.