Report: Saudi Settlement Paved Way for Salam's Nomination, Will Lead to Staging Elections


MP Tamman Salam is expected to be named the prime minister of a new government amid reports that his nomination is part of a Saudi Arabian settlement that includes the formation of the cabinet and staging of the parliamentary elections.

LBCI television said Friday that the elections will likely be postponed to September or October at the latest.

It added that international powers had demanded that the polls be held and that Salam's government be capable of overseeing them.

Caretaker Interior Minister Marwan Charbel announced earlier on Friday that the elections had been postponed from June 9 to 16.

Political science professor at the American University of Beirut Hilal Khashan told Agence France Presse that an agreement over Salam was reached after the keenness of all Lebanese powers to ease the tensions in the country.

Furthermore, he is seen as the perfect candidate during this transitional period in light of the ongoing Syrian crisis, he remarked.

The agreement over the MP is a sign that none of the Lebanese powers are seeking to escalate the situation in Lebanon, noted Khashan.

Salam's nomination came hours after he paid a visit to Saudi Arabia where he met with former Prime Minister Saad Hariri and Saudi Intelligence chief Prince Bandar bin Sultan.

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Thumb benzona over 11 years

This means only one thing, Hezbollah is in its petits souliers.... they let down Aoun and are actually obeying the ruler of the not so democratic kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This means another thing, they know Bachar is gone and Teheran is powerless.... finito la musica as they say in Italy.

Thumb jumblatdedon over 11 years

OOOooOOOOoo saudi qartari boogy man,better watch out lebanon, the arabs may bring more money to lebanon when they come to here to get drunk cause they cannot do it their countries, this is a bad thing apparently when you speak to M8ers, we need more irani bombe makers here instead

Thumb primesuspect over 11 years

Nosralla is giving Prince Bandar ChupaChups!

Default-user-icon SamSaaaam (Guest) over 11 years

As long as bashar have air superiority with Russia/US support, I don't see him going anywhere. As for Aoun, I think he is pretty happy with salam since he is weak enough not to cause troubles, but strong enough to dilute hariri popularity among beirut sunni's.
. Also, this government have a pretty limited lifespan with no economic/financial incentives stong enough to make a fuss about PM nomination... What was stolen and what will be is beyound this government validity period ....

Default-user-icon lolahope2012 (Guest) over 11 years

we are losers all of us! all the lebanese! what is wrong with people. saudi, iran, us, russia, turkey, bla bla bla...when are we going to understand that we need to get rid of all those associated with any hizeb and demand new leaders who are vested in lebanon, for lebanon, and only lebanon. we have borders but we do not have a common national identity. so sad :(