Zawahiri Vows to Pursue Bin Laden's 'Jihad'


Ayman al-Zawahiri, al-Qaida's long-time number two, has vowed in a video eulogy to Osama bin Laden to pursue his late leader's "jihad" against the West, SITE Intelligence Group reported Wednesday.

"We will pursue the jihad until we expel the invaders from Muslim lands," he was quoted as saying in a eulogy for Bin Laden who was killed in a U.S. raid in Pakistan on May 2.

"The man who terrified America in his life will continue to terrify it after his death," he added in the video message titled "The Noble Knight Dismounted," which SITE said was posted on jihadist online forums on Wednesday.

"You will continue to be troubled by his famous vow: You shall not dream of security until we enjoy it and until you depart the Muslims' lands," added the Egyptian militant, who was in white garb and a turban with a machinegun behind him.

He vowed to make sacrifices needed to "deprive America of security."

Zawahiri also vowed allegiance to the leader of Taliban, Mullah Omar.

"We renew our allegiance to the leader of the believers, Mullah Mohammad Omar," said Zawahiri speaking of the one-eyed leader who has a $10-billion U.S. bounty on his head.

"We promise him obedience ... in jihad for Allah and to set up sharia (Islamic) law," he added.

Last month, the Taliban fiercely denied Omar had died after an Afghan intelligence source called a handful of reporters to tell them that he had been killed by Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence agency.

The claims came exactly three weeks after the killing of Bin Laden by U.S. Navy SEALs in Pakistan and amid a fierce wave of targeted attacks as the Taliban said it was launching a spring offensive.

In an audio message on May 22, Zawahiri backed the wave of Arab revolts and called for sharia Islamic law to be applied in Egypt.

But he warned Libyans the NATO-led aerial bombing campaign against Moammar Gadhafi seeks to replace the strongman with its own tyrannical regime.

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Default-user-icon Youssef Haddad (Guest) 13 years

What Muslim lands. You mean the lands that were invaded by Muslims. This charade should stop. Brains washing simple people by making them believe that if you are a Muslim the world should be yours and all others are simply intruders!
The Muslim land is Saudi Arabia all others were invaded. As did all other empires at the time conquests was a way of living. Today, speaking about Muslim lands means that if you invade a land and impose on it your ideology at some point it will be yours for ever. Then where are the Greek land or the Roman land or the Assyrian land or the Jewish; and or the American land...?
This is a new world and however sick it might be it will never return to Zarqawi’s view of a dream land!

Missing bigdigg 13 years

Mr. Zawahri, can you please recruit Deputy Kabbara of Tripoli to help you in your tasks, and keep him with you in the same hideout until the Navy Seals storm it?

Missing bigdigg 13 years

By Youssef Haddad's logic, all the western states that are now part of the USA should go back to Mexico, and if you want to go further, the USA should be returned to the native Indians. We all agree.

Default-user-icon Putting fun in fundamentalism (Guest) 13 years

Zawahiri and Nasrallah two peas on a pod as Hassan always said this is Muslim land the Christians were imported by the byzantine empire to be a thorn in the side of Muslim. I guess once the new Holocaust as one Johnius call for is down Hassan and Ayman will hand in hand begin one to exterminate the Christians, with digdigg digging the mass graves. After that good times in the purified land of Muslims..