Jumblat to Damascus: No Blame on Geagea, but on Those who Support him

Druze leader Walid Jumblat will visit Damascus on Tuesday for talks with Syrian Vice-President Maj. Gen. Mohammed Nassif.

As-Safir newspaper quoted Jumblat as saying that there is a "historic moment" represented in talks between Syrian and Saudi Arabia.

"Let us profit from this meeting between Damascus and Riyadh in order to avoid the damaging outcomes of the indictment," Jumblat said.

He accused the United States of seeking to torpedo the Syrian-Saudi rapprochement, pointing to the"clear" visit by US Senator John Kerry.

Kerry's statements "aim to torpedo this rapprochement as if they (US) don't want to help Lebanon and strengthen its stability," Jumblat said, stressing that stability comes before justice.

He criticized statements made by Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea following his meeting with the U.S. ambassador.

"He (Geagea) is not to blame, but blame should fall on those who support him," Jumblat believed.

On Monday, Geagea said that if he had to choose between the Government and the Special Tribunal for Lebanon, then he would choose the Tribunal.