Loyalty to Resistance: Media Leaks on Indictment Confirm its Politicization


The Loyalty to the Resistance bloc noted on Wednesday that the media leaks over the indictment in the investigation into the assassination of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri confirm without a doubt that it is politicized.

It said after its weekly meeting that the politicization of the indictment is aimed at achieving Israeli interests and those of the international powers supporting its plans against Palestine, Lebanon, and the region.

“Some sides’ insistence on protecting the false witnesses and thwarting all attempts to try them and uncover those behind them is suspicious,” it added.

“Settling the matter and referring it to the justice council is the first step on the road to finding out those behind the crime and revealing the truth,” the bloc said.

Addressing the brief visits by foreign envoys to Lebanon, it said: “They are aimed at increasing tensions on the internal scene and turning the Lebanese against each other … they are not aimed at supporting some Lebanese, but they seek to sabotage attempts to reach an understanding among them.”