Greece boosts special firefighting units to cope with growing heat risk 21 days
At least 48 killed in highway collapse in China 21 days
Philippine students are told to stay home as Southeast Asia swelters in prolonged heat wave 23 days
Activist who fought for legal rights for Europe's largest saltwater lagoon wins 'Green Nobel' 23 days
Mexico proudly controls its energy but could find it hard to reach its climate goals 23 days
Mexico proudly controls energy but finds it hard to reach climate goals 23 days
Talks advance on a treaty to end plastic pollution 23 days
African farmers look to past and future to address climate change 24 days
Oklahoma towns begin long cleanup after 4 killed in weekend storms 24 days
Southeast Asia copes with sweltering heat wave 24 days
Dam collapse kills at least 40 in western Kenya 24 days
Strict new EPA rules would force US coal-fired power plants to capture emissions or shut down 27 days
Flooding in Tanzania has killed 155 people as heavy rains continue in Eastern Africa 27 days
Study says warmer world likely made deadly Dubai downpours heavier 27 days
Corals bred in zoo join Europe's largest reef, offering scientists hope 27 days
Clean energy champions assemble: Shape the future at Middle East Clean Energy 2024 27 days
COP29 host says deal on climate aid essential but offers few details 28 days
Climate change is bringing malaria to new areas. In Africa, it never left 28 days
Global plastic pollution treaty talks hit critical stage in Canada 29 days
Martian skies: Athens turns orange hue with dust clouds from North Africa 29 days