Iran's president appoints new official in powerful security post, replacing Shamkhani 12 days
World summits' 'family photos' show Putin's isolation 12 days
Russia claims to have Bakhmut, top Ukrainian leaders say battle not over 12 days
Ukrainian city of Dnipro attacked by 16 Russian missiles, 20 drones 12 days
Zelensky appears to confirm Bakhmut loss, saying 'nothing left' 13 days
US, KSA say Sudan factions agree to temporary ceasefire 13 days
US helping Kyiv get F-16s shows that for military aid, 'no' can become 'yes' 14 days
G7 slams China 'militarization' in Asia-Pacific, urges it to 'press Russia' 14 days
Russian PM to visit Beijing as China renews criticism of Western arms sales to Ukraine 15 days
G7 stance on China complicated by economic ties, cooperation on global issues 15 days
7.7 magnitude earthquake causes small tsunami on South Pacific islands 15 days
Why Ukraine's spring offensive still hasn't begun with summer just weeks away 15 days
Zelensky to join G7 summit as leaders prepare to unveil new Russia sanctions 15 days
Turkish candidate Kilicdaroglu hardens stance before runoff against Erdogan 16 days
G-7 Hiroshima summit: Who's attending, what will be discussed? 16 days
Russia targets Kyiv, Odesa with missiles, Ukraine says most were shot down 16 days
Leaders begin arriving in Japan for G-7, with war in Ukraine high on the agenda 16 days
More villages evacuated as Italy counts cost of deadly floods 16 days
G-7 leaders likely to focus on the war in Ukraine and tensions in Asia at summit in Hiroshima 17 days
European nations back system to calculate damage Russia caused in Ukraine 17 days