Biden urges Congress to pass Ukraine aid after govt. shutdown deal 12 hours
US warns of large Serbian military build-up near Kosovo 1 day
US government hours from shutdown, funding chaos 1 day
Slovakia election pits pro-Russia ex-PM against liberal pro-West newcomer 1 day
Putin orders former Wagner commander to take charge of 'volunteer units' in Ukraine 2 days
Hungary's Orbán casts doubt on European Union accession talks for Ukraine 2 days
Kosovo police conduct raids in Serb-dominated north after weekend clashes left 4 dead 2 days
Leaders of EU's Mediterranean nations huddle in Malta to discuss migration 2 days
Man wounded as tempers flare in New Mexico over Spanish conquistador statue 2 days
At least 52 killed, dozens wounded in Pakistan blast 2 days
US quietly acknowledges Iran satellite successfully reached orbit 2 days
Ukraine says 31 drones downed in 'massive' attack 3 days
North Korea's Kim urges greater nuclear weapons production in response to 'new Cold War' 3 days
American soldier who crossed into North Korea arrives back in US 3 days
Russia accuses US of promoting Israel's normalization before peace deal 3 days
Nagorno-Karabakh to dissolve, ending independence dream 3 days
Armenian PM accuses Azerbaijan of 'ethnic cleansing' in Karabakh 4 days
Azerbaijan: 192 soldiers killed, over 500 hurt in Karabakh offensive 5 days
Judge says Trump committed fraud by inflating value of assets 5 days
UN chief cites 'madness' of nuclear arms race, as N.Korea warns of war 5 days