Dissent over US policy in Gaza war stirs unusual public protests from federal employees 15 days
32 killed in Abyei, a disputed region between Sudan and South Sudan 15 days
US Defense Secretary Austin makes unannounced visit to Ukraine 15 days
Biden signs bill averting govt. shutdown for now, Israel and Ukraine aid still stalled 18 days
Ukraine says 'heavy' fighting on Russia-held bank of Dnipro river 18 days
Erdogan to visit Germany as differences over Israel-Hamas war widen 18 days
British Foreign Secretary meets Zelensky in first overseas visit as top UK diplomat 19 days
Fire at coal mining company building in northern China kills 26 19 days
Spain's Sánchez reelected PM despite controversy over amnesty for separatists 19 days
US police, protesters clash outside Democratic HQ during Gaza war demo 19 days
China calls Biden's Xi dictator comments 'extremely wrong' 19 days
Spain leader defends amnesty deal for Catalan ahead of vote to form new govt. 20 days
Biden aims for improved military relations with China when he meets with Xi 20 days
China's state media take new tone toward US ahead of meeting between their leaders 20 days
Biden, Xi hope to stabilize relations, but tough issues loom 20 days
EU struggles to produce and send the ammunition it promised to Ukraine 21 days
At summit, Biden aims to show he can focus on Pacific amid crises 21 days
Military training efforts for Ukraine hit major milestones even as attention shifts to Gaza 22 days
Ex-PM makes shock return to UK government, Home Secretary Braverman fired 22 days
Biden, Xi to meet Wednesday for talks on trade, Taiwan, managing fraught relations 25 days