Berri Says Voting a 'National Duty', Urges Massive Turnout 2 days
Aoun Signs Decree for Extraordinary Legislative Session, Berri Says 'Unnecessary' 9 days
Berri Says Israel Bid to Share Lebanon Gas 'Categorically Rejected' 29 days
Aoun, Berri, Hariri Discuss Israeli Strikes at Syria 1 month
Aoun, Berri Agree to Meet, Put End to War of Words 1 month
Aoun, Berri, Hariri Warn over Israeli Threats 1 month
Berri: Nominations Begin Feb. 5, No Time to Amend Electoral Law 1 month
Jumblat Dispatches Abu Faour to Hariri with 'Initiative' to Solve Aoun-Berri Row 2 months
Berri Warns: Israel's Planned Border Wall Will Violate Lebanon's Sovereignty 5 months
Berri: Elections are Definite, Ready to Secure Communication Channels with Syria 5 months
Berri Stresses that Legislation is Parliament's Responsibility 6 months
Berri Says Failure to Hold By-elections Violates Constitution 7 months
Berri: I Can't Believe the President Might Return Wage Scale to Parliament 8 months
Berri Says 'No Rift' with Kuwait after Emirate Protests over Hizbullah 8 months
Berri Supports Dialogue with Damascus, Says Wage Scale Will be Approved 8 months
Berri: Wage Scale to Top Agenda of Legislative Session 8 months
Berri Hails Aoun's Call for Baabda Consultative Meeting 9 months
Berri Says Has Right to Call for June 5 Session, Vows to Prevent 'Anything Sectarian' in Electoral Law 10 months
Berri Says 1960 Law 'Bad' but Sectarian Law 'Worse' 11 months
Berri Rejects Reallocation of Some Seats if Polls are to be Held under 1960 Law 11 months